11x17 Picture Frames

Colección: 11x17 Picture Frames

Our selection of 11x17 picture frames offers multiple choices for prominently displaying a cherished photo, poster, or artwork in any room. These picture frames are meticulously designed using engineered wood that caters to a variety of display needs, from cherished family photos to standout pieces of artwork. 

Our selection includes a range of styles and colors, ensuring you find the ideal match for your home decor.

Versatile Display Solutions

Our 11x17 picture frames are more than just a way to protect your picture—they’re a versatile solution for displaying any poster or picture in different orientations. Whether you're looking to create a focal point in your living room with a standout poster frame or to capture everyday moments in a large photo frame, we've got you covered. 

Each frame is equipped with durable hanging hardware and a built-in easel stand, making it easy to switch between horizontal and vertical orientations to best fit your space and display preferences.

Elegant Design Meets Functionality

Our 11x17 frame collection offers options that include mats for smaller photos or prints but can also be used as a poster frame. Choose a picture frame that not only enhances the visual appeal of your art but also protects it. 

Our frames, available in different counts from single to sets, feature elegant molding and perfectly joined corners. Shatter-proof, lead-free glass and durable engineered wood or high-quality aluminum ensure your posters and artwork are displayed clearly and safely. Each picture frame includes easy-to-open tabs. 

Crafted for Every Style

No matter the theme or color scheme of your space, our picture frame collection offers frames that complement your decor seamlessly. Each 11x17-inch frame is crafted to showcase your art or photo beautifully. 

With Americanflat, you're choosing affordable frames that celebrate your posters, photos, and artwork in all their glory. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $100, secure packaging, and the pride of supporting products designed in the US. Whether for a cherished photo or a piece of art, our frames are crafted to make every display special.

Got a question about our frame collections? Contact our customer support team by emailing help@americanflat.com or by calling/texting (646) 971-9911.