Gallery Wall Assembly Guide - Four Featured Styles

Gallery Wall Assembly Guide - Four Featured Styles

Four Featured Styles in Our Gallery Wall Assembly Guide

A well-balanced gallery wall is an envious addition to any home. It embodies personal style, adds a sophisticated design element, and impresses with artisanal flair. 

However, gallery walls can be hard to start! It's a bit daunting to stare at a blank wall and envision the final result. For those of us looking for some help, our in-house design has custom curated a collection of readymade wall art sets. Start with a 2 piece or 3 piece set, or let us do the work for you with our complete gallery wall sets. Not only do these help you create a cohesive look, but they also include template suggestions to help you plan where and how the art should be hung.  

Spark your inner design genius and check out our favorite layout styles!




Organic gallery wall hanging is a staple in contemporary design, making a big statement with multiple pieces brought together around themes or color stories. While this organic layout has a casual cool style, like you just threw it together and it worked like magic, the truth is it takes a bit of planning.

With popular 6 piece sets like the one below, we’ve taken the guesswork out for you. Use this organic template to mix and match for a fluid feel with just the right amount of serendipity.

Monochromatic Ink Maze - 6 Piece Framed Gallery Wall Set




Our brains love symmetry. It provides a natural sense of order and harmony. Symmetry is a foundational element in classical and traditional design and décor. This gallery wall layout is perfect for paintings, photography, and prints alike.

if you're looking to bring ease and balance to your gallery wall, stick to this soothing format.


On The Shelf

This gallery wall arrangement incorporates floating shelves or any empty tabletop that needs some decoration. It's perfect for a wall that needs a bit more visual weight, such as above a desk in a home office or to dress up a reading nook.

The On The Shelf template relies on artful propping and styling. Easily add some of your own signature touches with memorabilia or small pieces to create a dynamic and cohesive display.




The Separately template is made for the outside-the-box home decorator, ready to take some risks and make a Pinterest-worthy assortment spring right off the wall. 


Southwest Shapes - 9 Piece Framed Gallery Wall Art Set


This gallery wall does a little bit of everything and maintains a strong aesthetic. By combining a shelf with your wall art you're adding a ton of dimension and personality— a few are propped on the shelf while the others are arranged in close proximity. Add some personal finishing touches to this gallery wall style for a maximalist effect. Explore our 9-piece sets for inspiration!

For more gallery wall tips and ideas, read our recent interview with Americanflat Creative Director Johnny Picardo.

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