About Us

Americanflat supplies some of the largest home décor stores and online websites in the world. We actively sell our artists work to customers on five continents and have worldwide, printing and manufacturing capabilities through a network of manufacturing and fulfillment houses. 




The Americanflat mission is simple: To produce top quality, exclusively curated wall art from impressive, hand-selected artists, while making that affordable. We do this by partnering with artists who believe in our concept and by using proprietary production processes that allow us to cut costs, without skimping on quality.   


Community of Artists

We have a community of over 150 artists that we regularly interact with to bring some of the freshest designs to the market. Each of these artists is active in our community and currently spans twenty countries.  


How it all started

A few years ago, Americanflat Founder and President, Giorgio Piccoli, moved to New York City to begin work with JPMorgan. In an attempt to decorate the walls of his tiny apartment with artwork, he was led down a path of frustration and disappointment. “I would see a great piece of large art that I wanted to purchase and the gallerist would tell me that it was north of $5,000,” says Piccoli. “I would ask if there was anything closer to my price range and they would just laugh. Right then, I knew I wanted to create a brand that was not for the art investor but for the art lover.”

As an outsider to the art world, Piccoli knew he had a vantage point to brand a concept that defied the traditional gallery system.