5 Ideas to Brighten Up Your Winter Blues

5 Ideas to Brighten Up Your Winter Blues

After the exciting whirlwind of the end-of-year holiday season and the fresh resolutions of a new year come and go, the cold, gray days can start to feel long. Not to mention dreary. If you're craving some vitamin D and a more cheerful outlook, a little bit of a space refresh can be just what you need as you await the warmer days ahead. We've gathered a few of our favorite pieces and trends that are easy to decorate with and can brighten up your home while also making it feel cozy.


Modern Sunsets

Tropical Sunset - 9 Piece Framed Gallery Wall Art Set - Art Set - Americanflat

Tropical Sunset - 9 Piece Framed Gallery Wall Art Set

A rich indigo and vibrant orange pairing works well across various wall colors and interior design, including mid-century modern, bohemian, traditional, and minimalist home decor. Orange is also one of the happiest colors on the spectrum, evoking feelings of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement.


A Touch of Maximalism

Just Chillin by Studio Grand-Pere Black Framed Print - Framed Print - Americanflat

Just Chillin by Studio Grand-Pere Framed Print

The only thing better than a bold print is more than one print power-clashing in euphoric harmony, like this piece by Studio Grand-Pere, which utilizes every color of the rainbow. If you'd like one main wall to become a statement rather than a total more-is-more makeover, a framed oversized print is one way to achieve it.

Tropical Palms

Palm Silhouettes By Modern Tropical - 3 Piece Canvas Set

Palm Silhouettes by Modern Tropical - 3 Piece Canvas Set

No routine watering necessary, these palm fronds and tropical plants are ready to hang and offer lush greenery to your space—perfect for just about any room in the house that needs a bit more life and liveliness. When matching furniture and textiles in the same room, opt for furnishings that trend towards ocean paradise. We love this look with a rattan woven basket, teak coffee table, light linen curtains, and other breezy accessories that remind us of a beach destination.

Poolside Glamour

Moroccan Dream by Sabina Fenn - Black Frame, Black Frame, 16" X 20"

Moroccan Dream by Sabina Fenn - Framed Print

Bring a color story to life, inspired by one of your favorite warm-weather moments. Orange trees, aquatics, terrazzo and stucco, and lush greens. This palette looks perfect and polished with streamlined black or brushed gold fixtures.

Abstract Warmth

Apricot Dawn By Louise Robinson Wall Art - 2 Piece Framed Print Set - Americanflat

<Apricot Dawn by Louise Robinson Wall Art - 2 Piece Framed Print Set>

Dreamy washes of color like this creamsicle duo by Louise Robinson are a satisfying reminder that brightening up a space can also be subtle and achieved with pieces and furnishings that evoke luxury and comfort. We love this print set with its gallery black frames, which would elevate a room in an instant, such as above a bed or on a living room wall.

No matter which aesthetic appeals to you most, these all complement each other and are an easy way to stave off winter blues while refreshing your home and breathing new energy into the space. Shop these and more inspired ideas at Americanflat.com.

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