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Collection: Lightwood Picture Frames

Add the warm touch of nature to your home with our light wood frames. Made with engineered wood with a composite lightwood molding finish, these frames create a cozy atmosphere in any space.

Some of our frames come with a removable white mat. Remove the mat if you want to maximize the frame space or retain it if you want to display a smaller image with a white backdrop. The light background color creates a clean look for images in smaller sizes.


Lightwood Frames Built to Last

The custom framing of our products is not just for style. It’s also for durability. Featuring a shatter-resistant glass front, our lightwood frames can protect your most valuable artwork, photos, and posters for a long time.

The frames are also reinforced with a sturdy backboard, improving the structural integrity of the frames and helping shield your images from the elements. With our frames, you can get peace of mind knowing your images are well-protected in your home gallery.


Flexible Display Design

Our extensive lightwood frame collection is carefully curated to accommodate different display options. The lightwood frames come with adjustable sawtooth hangers. With these mounting features, you can store and hang artwork, photos, and posters without complex mounting techniques and tools.

Some of our options have built-in back easels. Use these mounting features to display your images on tabletops.


Build a Gallery Like No Other

With our lightwood frames, you can create a gallery filled with your best art pieces and photographs. With our 2-pack options, you can display even more images in your gallery.

Take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $100. If you have any questions about our lightwood frames, please reach out to our customer support team at