Floating Frames for Canvas

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Collection: Floating Frames for Canvas

At Americanflat, our canvas floater frames are crafted to enhance and complement your living spaces. These canvas artworks, known for their quality and style, are perfect for those who seek a modern touch in their home decor.


Elevate Your Space with Floating Frames

Our floater frames stand out as they do not incorporate a reflective glass cover. Instead, the canvas art “floats” within the frame, creating a noticeable gap between the canvas edge and the frame molding. This design accentuates the artwork and emphasizes the canvas's natural texture, offering an elegant and contemporary framing solution.


Quality and Durability

Each canvas floater frame is made from high-quality wooden molding, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. The canvas is printed using fade-resistant ink, preserving the artwork's vibrancy over time. These canvas float frames are ideal for showcasing the works of professional artists and adding a unique character to any room.


Ready to Hang Artwork

Our collection of canvas float frames includes a variety of ready-printed canvas art, available in sizes like 8"x8", 12"x12", and 16"x16". We feature artwork from renowned artists and art collectives such as PI Creative Art, Mandy Buchanan, and Suren Nersisyan, offering a selection of modern designs. Each piece is shipped in protective packaging, ensuring your canvas floater frames arrive in perfect condition. We provide all necessary hanging hardware for a quick and secure setup.


Have questions regarding our selection of canvas floater frames? Feel free to contact our team via email at help@americanflat.com or via call/text at (646) 971-9911.