Add a Stylish Gallery Wall to Your Home in Record Time

Add a Stylish Gallery Wall to Your Home in Record Time

You have probably seen how impressive gallery walls look. Rather than making a statement with a single artwork, gallery walls are a collection of multiple artworks that often relate to each other.

But, are you wondering where to start to create your own?
Our gallery wall sets are designed to make it as simple as possible for you. They add interest and touch of sophistication to any room.

The art sets are designed to be hung together. Each one is a collection of complementary images that have been carefully curated You will get six quality prints in total—one 19x25ʺ, three 12x15ʺ, and two 9x12ʺ images.



The Perfect Color Palette is Within Reach

The biggest challenge with creating a gallery wall from scratch is finding the right combination of wall art.

With our art sets you get a perfectly styled color palette. There is no guessing or endless searching. You know that what you receive will give you the stylish and unified look you want.

Take a look at these wonderful sets to get some inspiration. There are many more to choose from. You could easily hang one in the living area, and another in a study or bedroom.



Add Some Vintage-Inspired Warmth

Bring some amazing American landscapes into your home with the poster set by Anderson Design Group.

The US National Parks are filled with history and have been the playground of adventurous spirits for many years.

Filled with rich earthy tones of mustard, charcoal, burgundy and forest greens, this set goes equally well with navy or neutrals. Timber furniture and some green plants will make an excellent complement.




Get Some Contemporary Cool Style

Add some cool blue style to your room with this on-trend blue-grey gallery wall set. Featuring moon phases, foliage, and rich abstract textures, it is calm and elegant. 

It will go well in a room of cool neutrals. Pops of color can be added with cushions and throws in greens, teals, and aquas. Stripes and textured fabrics make this set really shine.




Liven Up Your Child’s Room with this Colorful Set

This set by Elena David is so delightful. Elephants, a hot air balloon and a dash of love throw in.

Not only fun, but educational as well. Take an adventure across the world and hunt together for where all those creatures lurking around the alphabet live.

It is a fantastic set which you can mix and match with many different colors. Sure to stand the test of time.





Be Classic with Black and White Photography

Black and white photography never goes out of style.

In this set you get strong industrial design aesthetics with the fine lines of bridge cables and bicycle spokes. In contrast, you have some softer grey tones of a cactus, and ocean waves. Tying these together are the silhouettes of palm leaves. 

This set will work perfectly with neutral décor. You can go with bold black and whites, or warm it up a little with some taupes, beiges and cream.



Be Fun But Bold with Florals

Garima Dhawan’s art makes a wonderful set of florals mixed with colorful abstract shapes.

This set is not your typical soft florals. Punctuated by bold blocks of black, these are gusty and vibrant artworks.

You can see the set hung here in a horizontal arrangement and complemented by purple, blue and apple green bedding.



Did we mention that our art sets are available already framed? It really is that simple to have a gallery wall in your home.

For a lightweight option, you can also get many of our gallery wall sets as wrapped canvases. Browse through more art sets now and see which ones suit your style.

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