Mandy Buchanan Art

Collection: Mandy Buchanan Art

Americanflat’s Mandy Buchanan art collection is a vivid exploration of bright colors and patterns. As an independent artist and painter hailing from Laurel, Mississippi, Mandy Buchanan creates prints that transform interior spaces into living works of art. 

Each piece in this collection, from Mandy’s paintings to the accent pillows, reflects her unique artistic vision, perfect for art lovers who appreciate beautiful artwork.

A Kaleidoscope of Color and Pattern

Paintings by Mandy Buchanan are renowned for their vibrant use of color and intricate patterns. Her paintings, each lovingly displayed in this collection, are a dynamic addition to any room, infusing it with energy and creativity. Whether you’re adding a pop of color to a neutral space or complementing an already colorful decor, her work brings an artistic flair that’s hard to miss.

Versatility in Size and Style

This collection features a range of sizes, from quaint 5" x 7" pieces to larger 32" x 48" framed prints and canvas artworks. Also available are accent pillows featuring her art, allowing you to spread her vibrant aesthetic throughout your home. Bring a piece of Mandy Buchanan’s colorful world into your home and experience the beauty of art in everyday life.

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