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Collection: 10x10 Picture Frames

Enhance the beauty of your favorite photo or artwork with our affordable 10x10 picture frames. Featuring black composite wood molding, our black frames make your 10x10 images stand out from any wall. Some picture frames come with a white mat, so you can insert smaller photos and use the white mat to separate the images from the borders.

All of our 10x10 picture frames are equipped with an adjustable sawtooth hanger and easel stand, letting you display them on walls and tabletops.

Uniform 10x10 Picture Frame Shape

Our perfect square 10x10 picture frames offer balance and symmetry. Make your wall more pleasing to the eye by featuring a perfect square frame and photo.

The equal dimensions of 10x10 frames also allow for versatile image placement. Display your most cherished photo or artwork in any orientation you want, unlike other picture frame sizes that may have a “top” and “bottom.”

Various Material Construction

Made from a variety of materials, our 10x10 frame collection has something for every home aesthetic and personal taste.

Choose between our engineered wood and PVC picture frames. Unlike traditional wood, engineered wood can provide a more uniform wood appearance, especially when you need multiple frames to have a cohesive look. PVC has a more modern style, perfect for those with contemporary home and wall designs.

The frames are also equipped with plexiglass or shatter-resistant glass, renowned for their exceptional durability.

Transform Your Home Walls

Make your wall layout more symmetrical with a perfect 10x10 frame from Americanflat, where products are proudly designed by artists from all over the world. Take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $100.

If you have any questions about our 10x10 frame collection, please reach out to our customer support team at help@americanflat.com.