Amp Up The Spring Cleaning + Revamp Your Home Décor

Amp Up The Spring Cleaning + Revamp Your Home Décor

Between harsh Winters and searing Summers, Spring is a perfect solace. With heaps of sunshine and dazzling blossoms popping up all around you, there’s nothing more beautiful to look forward to.

With Spring setting in, it’s time for your dormant cleaning spirit to wake up. Blend your Spring cleaning with radiant and refreshing décor that will make your home feel anew.

You can splash walls with brilliant floral artworks, scatter some pretty plants, and capture the freshness of Spring with a wave of colorful tapestries. There are so many possibilities.

Check out our collection of art and décor to pluck a piece of nature and place it in your house!



Affordable Home Decor

Vibrant Vibes

What's livelier than a gallery wall carved with the essence of nature, waiting to embrace you? This set of stunning framed artwork prints by Modern Tropical unveils the perfect setting for the season.

The gorgeous color palette brings out a subtle, yet statement pop. You can place it above your console table and sprinkle the set-up with some complimenting art pieces or unique plants. It would also add some zest over the fireplace or the wall behind your sofa.

The collection of beautifully curated images is designed to make it super easy for you to get a perfect gallery wall. This set comes with six quality prints of different sizes in total.

Botanical Duvet Cover

Cozy Up in Nature’s Blanket

With the days getting longer in this season, you can always steal a moment in the day to curl up under your sheets or spend a lazy weekend in bed. This artsy and super-comfy duvet cover by Elena O’ Niell breathes freshness into your bedroom, leafing out the lovely green vibrance.

With the bed being the king of furniture in your bedroom, a duvet cover is the easiest, fastest and one of the most affordable options to help you revamp your space with a striking décor. Simply wave it across the bed to capture the refreshing spirit of Spring.

Available in different sizes, this premium-quality duvet cover is super comfy and extra durable.


Floral Wall Art

Bring the Flair

Nothing suits a blank space better than a bright art piece. While it can be quite a task to select the perfect art piece, we have a vast range of options for you to choose from, including this gorgeous statement framed print by Shealeen Louise.  

With all its subtle hues combined, you can easily add a bold look to a space that will captivate in a heartbeat. Beaming with the essence of Spring, this piece fits in just about anywhere. You can post it on a blank wall under a picture light to accentuate its details.  

 Botanical Wall Tapestry

Botanical Prints

Spring is all about vibrant and radiant colors. The black, gray and deep brown tones from winter should be swapped or splashed with bright and cheery colors.

If going all-out with colors sounds overwhelming, you can simply add a color pop to a neutral setting through fabric. Be it printed pillows, throws or tapestries, fabrics are your best friend.

The Tropical Symmetry Pink and Green by Cat Coquillette Tapestry makes a brilliant addition to your bedroom or living room for Spring.

Wall art doesn’t need to be expensive! You can easily embellish your wall with a beautiful tapestry from our collection.

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