This Upstate NY House Got An Americanflat Refresh

This Upstate NY House Got An Americanflat Refresh

This Upstate NY House Got An Americanflat Refresh

Upstate New York is a rich sensory experience filled with majestic trees, serene lakes, and green fields of wildflowers. The landscape is dotted with historical homes and cabins. Each year, the richly wooded countryside draws vacationers from around the city and surrounding states. 

Take a peek inside one of these cabins - procured by Americanflat Founder and President, Giorgio Piccoli - that received a transformation from the inside-out. Americanflat pieces were used to bring the renovation project together and wrap up the new look and feel with a refined yet unfussy aesthetic. Curated design choices add a modern refresh to the traditional structure.


A Bright Entryway Statement

Shown here with a small table, the dual dandelion Amy Brinkman pieces stand out with minimal white backgrounds and contrasting black frames. Metallic gold dandelion shapes add height and visual balance on the wall, drawing in the complementary, warm honey tones of the table, textured basket, and flooring. 

Goldon Dandelion by Amy Brinkman - 2 Piece Framed Print Set


 Thoughtful Details Included In A Shelf Vignette

Weight and symmetry is used with a white and blue scheme to dress up a simple shelf. Varying shapes and textures are tied together with the same color story for a cohesive yet visually interesting shelf arrangement and framed Blue Coral pieces by Nuada.


Statement Pieces Above the Headboard 

For a professional interior design feel, add a statement piece or two large side-by-side pieces above a headboard. Featured photos below show fluid geometric designs in serene colors so that the pieces feel more relaxed and introspective than overstimulating. 

Knitted Throw Blanket in Gold


Transition Design with a Gallery Wall

This gallery wall creates an interesting visual point along an expanse of white wall. Rather than leaving a large section unfinished, this modern curation catches the eye with a simple bench and textured basket. Enough for a momentary rest but nothing crowded or overly fussy about this arrangement.

Knitted Throw Blanket in Gold


Photography as a Bathroom Accent

A simple white framed photo dresses up an untouched nook and matches the white framed mirror and window, achieving visual continuity. A smash of bright aqua adds a pop of color to the bathroom’s clean, muted tones.

Hand Woven Seagrass Storage Basket


 Dress Up a Tiny Workspace 

This small corner gets a big visual make-over with modern shelving unit and curated accents. This gallery wall shows how to execute a Separately Americanflat template by placing some of the pieces on the wall and continuing the arrangement on to a nearby shelf.

Hand Woven Seagrass Storage Basket


Americanflat’s expert design team pulls together years of art and experience, so that you can trust our curated collections are stylish and will work in your home too. With catalogs of independent artist collections, Americanflat is a natural choice for home decor and wall art. Pieces are finished and ready to hang and are gallery standard wall art quality and durability. Get started on your dream project today!

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