Kitchen Wall Art and Décor Ideas: Tips on How to Style Your Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Art and Décor Ideas: Tips on How to Style Your Kitchen

Do More with Your Kitchen Art and Décor

The kitchen is the heart of the home — for cooking, eating, gathering, sharing, and living. As such, kitchens hold a special space in home design. The best kitchen décor combines form and function, bringing colors, patterns, and shapes together for a cohesive aesthetic.

The best of this season plays into a return to social. With more friends and family joining us for dinner or special events, trends are curated around updating our existing spaces to a relaxed yet luxurious environment that is perfect for living well and entertaining. 

Organic Minimalism

The bright whites, stone, and ceramics that give Minimalist style a decidedly laid-back feel are enlivened with plants and natural elements. This season’s new neutrals like aqua, apricot, sky blue, stone, and sand call upon nature for design guidance. Organic Minimalist style is perfect for smaller kitchens or for creating an open feel. White walls throughout the home add continuity to shake off the feeling of containment or space separation. Art is a perfect nature complement, especially for infusing more light and depth into your kitchen.

Add a large statement piece (e.g., 32”x48”) to a wall that lacks cabinets or shelving. We love these pieces for Minimalist kitchens:

Herbs Watercolor by Modern Tropical - Framed Print
Broken Edges by Sakshi Modi - Wrapped Canvas

Traditional Cottage

The traditional cottage is an update on the modern rustic that has met mainstream saturation. Cottages kitchens give cozy feels with stone hearths and shaker cabinets, mismatched teacups on flannel, and bread baking in the oven. Traditional kitchens may be a design choice or an inherited style, but just because they are an older design does not mean they cannot have a spark and “now” feeling of their own.

Use art to tie together new designs with older features like a framed piece above a stove or a set or grouping on a wall that needs extra visual interest.

Herbal Botanical by Wild Apple - 2 Piece Framed Print Set
Traditional kitchens also look amazing with a wallpaper update like:


Peel & Stick Wallpaper roll - Green Spring Elder Flowers by Decoworks

Life of the Party

Maximalism is one of our favorite trends because it encompasses anything and everything, completely customizable for the individual. Whether it’s jewel-tone painted cabinets, bold wrapped canvases, art galleries, or busy backsplashes, the Life of the Party trend toes a line between visual carnival and too much. And we are here for it.

Don’t hold back with Life of the Party. Choose everything that makes you happy and arrange, and arrange, and arrange some more. Find floating shelves for special collections or to prop up art pieces that complement your Maximalist scheme.

Be a Fruit Loop by Motivated Type Framed Print


Kitchen by Louise Robinson - Framed Print

Our design experts have curated collections that easily fit into any space or style. Shop design themes from this article, including Organic Minimalism, Traditional Cottage, Life of the Party, and more. Visit our Pinterest or Instagram for more design inspiration and get busy planning your art and décor update!

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