What is Maximalism? Get to Know This Home Decor Trend

What is Maximalism? Get to Know This Home Decor Trend

More is more. How to make the most of the Maximalism trend.

There is room for everyone and every design taste in the Maximalist home trend. Maximalism pulls from traditional, bohemian, and classic styles, blurring lines and power-clashing evocative colors. At the opposite end of the spectrum from Minimalism, Maximalism is not subtle. Therein lies its beauty.

Here, we take a look at easy ways to make the more-is-more trend yours.

Pair bright walls with artwork.

First, choose the wall treatment: Magenta, aqua, saffron, turquoise, cobalt, and ultra-white paint colors prep wall surfaces with eye-catching backgrounds. Wallpaper is another way to bring together trend-forward colors and patterns for a bold presentation (bonus points for a wallpapered ceiling!).

Next, pick statement art pieces that celebrate color stories, taste, or theme. Maximalism is a blend of your favorite things, so don’t be shy about mixing and matching trends. Curate according to intuition and expression.

Tape4 By Rosi Feist


Colorful Sunflowers By Mandy Buchanan


Peel & Stick Wallpaper Roll - Tie Die Tribal


Curate collections with gusto.

Maximalism is all about the extra. Display your collections with a flourish, from tufted throw pillows to sculptures and art. Gallery walls are an easy way to add an editorial Maximalism statement to a room — anchor it with your favorite piece or kickstart the collection with a hand-selected Americanflat gallery wall set.

Rain 7 By Garima Dhawan

Just Chillin' By Studio Grand Pere - 6 Piece Gallery Wall

Layer eclectic design taste.

Generously layer design elements — pile shelves with books, add vintage accents, lay down a gorgeous bohemian rug. One of our favorite ways to add Maximalist flair to a room is with plants like palms, canes, fiddle leaf fig trees, and philodendrons. You can always use greenery-inspired art and wallpaper for a lush look too!


Peel & Stick Wallpaper Roll - Tropical Palm Leaf Watercolor

Bright walls, gallery sets, and curated collections are just a few easy ways to get started. Shop our curated color collections and start your Maximalist project today!


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