How Not to Satiate Your Wanderlust

How Not to Satiate Your Wanderlust

How Not to Satiate Your Wanderlust

That’s correct, you can never quite satiate your wanderlust and that is just how it should be. The world out there is limitless and is waiting to embrace you warmly wherever you wish to be. First, we travel to lose ourselves, next, we travel to find ourselves.

We’ve all been there. We’ve travelled and we’ve dreamed of traveling. We’ve seen it all, yet we’ve seen nothing. We’re here today, we’ll be elsewhere tomorrow. What matters is the experience and the paraphernalia that you so fondly lock in your memory boxes.

Unlike movies, it’s not always possible to pack your bags and be off. But that is no reason to be sad! There are countless ways to travel even when you can’t travel.

So, gather all your souvenirs, share some smiles over your travel photographs, and pick a travel piece of wall art that you want to live in!



Monument Valley 3 by Natalie Allen

Monument Valley 3 by Natalie Allen captures the spirit of travel beautifully. What’s the next destination you’d like on your wall?  For more inspiring travel art, you can check out our travel art photography collection.


How to Travel When You Can’t Travel

Simply put, when you can’t move around the world, you can make the world move around you! To travel is not just to move from one place to another. To travel is also to take a leap of imagination. We travel when we read a book, or make a friendship, or listen to music, or explore a piece of travel decor. In short, traveling is a voyage into your own imagination and you can even travel while sitting in your chair.

Map Art!

Maps sing of traveling like nothing else. To feel the arteries and veins of the world or snatch a bird’s eye view of your favorite city, a piece of map art is a must have. You can incorporate a world map into your home décor or hang a statement tapestry in your bedroom or living room. You can even install your map in your home office to stay inspired and keep in touch with your wanderlust.


Map of Barcelona in Vintage Sepia by Blursbyai


Unique and artfully rustic, the Map of Barcelona in Vintage Sepia by Blursbyai will blend right in with both your living room wall and the traveller in you! You can also check out our map art collection that includes artsy world maps and your favorite city maps.

Be at the beaches of Indonesia, ancient sights of Rome, beautiful ruins of Thailand temples, or the snow-soaked slopes of Canada that you visit your dreams, there is always somewhere you want to be. You undoubtedly had the time of your life on your previous travels and it’s only natural to feel the melancholy of the being back to the regular grind. What if there was a way to keep those post-travel blues at bay and have something more to look forward to or even revisit the beautiful time you had in the past? The answer is travel wall art!


Ocean and Beach Photography - Framed Gallery Wall Set

Beat the post-travel blues with the Beach and Ocean Photography Framed Gallery Wall Set. Carefully crafted and pieced together, this art set is sure to get you nostalgic and bring a smile on your face.

Remember, traveling is a love affair. You can fall in love either with the places you’ve already visited or with the places you are yet to visit. When you’re in a place that you haven’t been to before, you experience a new frame of life. From nature to the culture, everything changes. And yet, you feel strangely connected to the strange land, amidst the strange population. To have wanderlust is to sleep and wake up with the thoughts of travel and if you want to take it literally, your bedroom needs a brand-new travel décor. You can hang a statement tapestry on your bedroom wall, place the battered suitcase you used to have, with vintage shelves above or wrap yourself in the duvet cover that speaks the tales of travels. The possibilities are endless.


Lynn Valley, Vancouver by Luke Gram Tapestry

The Lynn Valley, Vancouver by Luke Gram Tapestry is sure to give you all kinds of travel thrills.


How to Keep Your Nomadic Streak Alive

In case you didn’t know, we’re born nomads! The reason why wanderlust is deeply embedded in us is because we humans practically lived as nomads for as much as 99% of our history.

The desire to chase new destinations and capture new moments is inherent in our hearts. As humans, we’re highly curious to wander off to faraway places because new experiences make us feel alive. Wanting to go to a place that you’ve only ever seen in travel brochures triggers your brain into the age-old reward system. You can’t help but wonder how you’d feel if you were to experience the place in real life. This is the reason you constantly seek new adventures and chase new tales. It is not only natural but also highly advantageous in terms of gaining meaningful perspectives about life as a whole.

If right now, you’re reading this with a pang in your heart, know that the next adventure is soon to knock at your door. Until then however keep your wanderlust burning and continue visiting the world in art!


Mirage by Sabina Fenn – for the vagabond in you


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