Create an Inviting Minimalist Space in 5 Easy Steps

Create an Inviting Minimalist Space in 5 Easy Steps

Create an Inviting Minimalist Space in 5 Easy Steps


Minimalism - an art trend that sprung from the 1950s - is often personified as a liberating, freeing style. Less stuff welcomes more meaningful curation into what elements to include. 

One of our favorite minimalist artists to feature in-room makeovers is European artist Explicit Design, who excels in line drawings that are both simple and poignant. “I believe that we all search for mood boosters and inspiration with all surroundings, and I can only hope for more people finding it in my work.”

Minimalism is a zen approach to decorating a space. Large, simple shapes and clean, uncluttered home designs exude restorative balance — freeing up living-working-playing to be more creative, productive, and relaxed. Create your minimalist space with these 5 simple steps:


    1. Address everything and clean as you go. Get right down to business by organizing and cleaning — this is best tackled one room at a time or categorically across items. Pick a system that works best for you and divide, conquer, tidy, and repeat.

    2. Curate to perfection. Eliminate anything and everything that feels stale, stagnant, heavy, uncomfortable, unwanted, or unnecessary. Remove the negativity caused by clutter by editing to only the essentials.

      This line drawing by Explicit Design is bold in its message and thoughtful in its composition.

      Sunny Smoke by Explicit Design

    3. Give everything its own space and place. After thoroughly sorting, curating, and cleaning, implement streamlined and purposeful storage solutions to minimize mess.

    4. Choose clean lines and monochromatic color stories. Select simple line furnishings that are functional, comfortable, and compliment an open floor plan. Neutral colors, natural materials, and light add more airiness to your home.

      Latte Girl by Explicit Design

      Spring Tulips by Explicit Design

    5. Personalize with thoughtful details. Everything should have a purpose and contribute to an overall feeling of well-being. Art can be simple in composition, illustrating aesthetic restraint. Pops of color add thoughtful accents and personalization; textures and textiles are another way to blend in warmth and design depth. 

      These pieces by Explicit Design are a perfect example of selective minimalist accents to give your room a clear aesthetic.

      XO, Couple Lines, and Love Hand Gesture by Explicit Design

      Explicit Design works are available in every style—including canvas, framed prints, and art sets—plus sizes to fit all spaces. So begin your Minimalist project today and
      shop her collection here.



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