Bring Back the 90s In Style

Bring Back the 90s In Style


The 90s were a colorful mashup of big trends and big personalities. It was a decade that gave us TitanicPulp FictionGoodfellasBoyz n The Hood, and Fight Club. And unique cultural icons and inspiration from Kurt Cobain’s iconic, flannel-clad grunge to Cher Horowitz and friends’ bold Clueless glam.

This season, the 90s are influencing home trends. With so much inspiration to choose from, there’s no wrong way to bring the decade into your home and make it part of your design and décor!

Black & White Print

Herringbone, chevron, and brushstroke prints are some of our favorites for this season. The black and white print trend complements modern, minimalist, and contemporary home design. Pair with cherry red, canary yellow, or bubblegum pink accents like pillows, throws, or art for an extra pop!

Wacka Flacka is one of our favorite artists for this type of style — combining black and white geometric prints with bright shapes in 90s color palettes. 

Posse by Wacka Designs Tapestry

Big Neons

Maximalist and full impact. Neons lights brighten up interior design themes from restaurant walls to rollerskating rinks to living spaces. Make ultra 90s neon part of your space schematic with accents like a stretched canvas, light fixture, or area rug.
Tropical Pineapple by Annie Riker Framed Print

Suppose you want a more contemporary take. In that case, you can utilize wall art with color stories that incorporates bright colors in festive fashion like this piece by Rosi Feist

Roller Skate Girl by Rosi Feist Framed Print

Floral Pastels

Everyone remembers those couch and deck furniture cushions that featured pastel pink brocade floral patterns. That dreamy, nostalgic mix of pink and mint are making a comeback with it-color neutrals in orange creamsicle, peach, aqua, and turquoise.

Always Looking For Something by Studio Grand-Pere

Keep the accompaniment simple — modern white walls, airy knits, bamboo, and light wood features compliment this duo.

Warm Retro Sunset by Cat Coquillette

5 Ways to Incorporate the Best of 90s trends: 

  1. Roll out and hang up a plant or plaid print wallpaper.
  2. Power-clash patterned throw pillows.
  3. Paint your walls white and hang up a large, framed piece of art.
  4. Bring back hunter green but make it luxurious.
  5. Pick sculptural furniture and lamps for a geometric focal point.

Ready for more inspiration? Shop our 90s curated gallery collection featuring new pieces from our favorite artists.

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