Artist Spotlight: Ejaaz Haniff

Artist Spotlight: Ejaaz Haniff

Artist Spotlight: Ejaaz Haniff

The real magic of Ejaaz Haniff’s art lies in his choice of cohesive and continuous colors and shapes. “The colors are bright and fun, mixing with texture to make it look like the print is jumping right off the wall,” says Haniff about his stand-out paintings where contemporary composition collides with Mid Century Modern sentiments. 


Mid Century Transformed

Ejaaz’s pieces bring together the tenements of Mid Century design while still being refreshingly now and new. Organic forms and bold, simple designs hearken to Mid Century modern furniture and objects. Vinyl, plexiglas, and teak wood are alluded to through stylistic lines and brush strokes.

Americanflat features an extensive library of Haniff’s pieces. Here are four listings that showcase various Mid Century interpretations and the best of modern home decor:


Colorful Glass Mountain - 6 Piece Framed Gallery Wall Set


Three of the six pieces included in this gallery wall set feature Haniff’s work, including “Sun Orbit,” “Orange Staggered Sunset,” and “Winter Blue Snow Watercolor Pattern.” The complementary color stories of vibrant reds and oranges add depth and complexity to the cool blues and grays. The inclusion of these varying shapes and colors make it a ubiquitously complementary piece that creates an instantaneous Mid Century statement for highly visible spaces.


Pastel Fantasy Abstract Clouds


Brilliant bursts of color wake up any wall. A pastel palette accented with white, black, red, and shades of blue give this piece a range of decoration options from a gallery wall anchor to a statement art hanging in an entryway.


Primary Pebbles - 2 Piece Wrapped Canvas Set


Bold primary colors and large rounded edge forms give these pieces a playful expression. The two wrapped canvas pieces create a distinct art gallery feel.


Deep Green Primitive Stripe - Framed Print


Luscious leafy green and dark brown layers offer a more sophisticated, elevated take on Mid Century design. This piece is perfect for moodier settings like an office or library.


Each canvas print from this collection is printed on museum-quality paper and arrives ready to hang, adding instant style to any room in your home. Peruse Haniff’s collection and make sure to read up on more of our Mid Century wall art styling tips here.

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