Making The Mid-Century Modern Home Décor Style Your Own

Making The Mid-Century Modern Home Décor Style Your Own

Making The Mid-Century Modern Home Décor Style Your Own

Originating in the 1940s, the iconic Mid-Century Modern design trend is a perennial favorite. Renovated ranches, condos on the beach, new developments in the suburbs, and more all draw on the honey oak built-ins and hardwood floors, white-walls, and natural light spaces that define the Mid-Century Modern style.

Mid-Century Modern’s home décor appeal abounds in its minimal and clutter-free design. If you love functional, clean, approachable style, it's the perfect design trend that can be evolved to your wall art tastes. You can go all in or add a few inspired pieces to set the tone.

Here are some of our favorite ways to add this modern home décor trend to your walls:


Pick a large featured piece

With the signature neutral tones of Mid-Century Modern walls, a large canvas wall art piece is perfect for hanging over an entryway console or button-tufted sofa. There are a range of styles that work for this whether you want a highly saturated abstract design or hyperreal photograph. Make sure to center on the wall or with furniture.

Merge 1 By Garima Dhawan Frame Print


Pods No 9 by Annie Bailey Wrapped Canvas


Ivy and Blue Sky II by Modern Tropical


Create a framed gallery wall 

If you love a good series, curate together wall art, photography, or sketches that share a common color palette and/or theme. Tie it all together with matching frame styles in a classic shape. Also pay attention to spacing and continuing clean lines throughout.

Fire in the Cave by Ejaaz Haniff


Black Wood Gallery Wall Frame Set - 7 Pack


Modern Tropical Greenery Framed Gallery Wall Set


Draw on nostalgia

Mid-Century Modern comes with its own kind of nostalgia and even if you didn’t live through the time period it comes with a feel of sipping cocktails out of coupe glasses poolside in Miami, visions of low rooflines and sprawling ranches with flamingos in the front yard, slim suits and horn rimmed glasses. Whatever Mid-Century art says to you, you can incorporate the feel with coastal color palettes, gold accents, curated rooms, and more. Let your intuition guide you.


Beach Waves Photography by Tanya Shumkina 


Coastal California by Anderson Design Group Framed Print


Brighten the corner of couches with a throw pillow or blankets

A square arm sofa looks perfect with a neatly folded blanket over the back or a cheerful throw pillow in the corner. Mid-Century Modern may err on the side of more minimal than maximalist but it should always feel accessible and comfortable. Textiles (in moderation!) add a warm touch.

Knitted Throw Blanket


Colorblock V by Susana Paz


Start your design adventure today with one of Americanflat’s amazing wall art pieces. We have a whole category dedicated to Mid-Century Modern framed art and canvases, so that you can easily put together a look that is perfect for your space.

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