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Artist Spotlight: Christine Olmstead

Combining acrylic, oil, spray paint, and metallic leaf, Christine's work radiates a range of emotions and bold energy. Since releasing her first collection of artwork in 2015, she has exploded onto the D.C. art scene. Christine's art has added a unique perspective to our online gallery, and our customers love her abstract style. Not only are her designs displayed on canvas wall art - these paintings transform into large scale art when used as a stylish shower curtain or wall tapestry.

With a focus on restoring and reflection, her expressionist art is designed with a story in mind. In this interview, Christine sheds light onto her artistic process, explains how Synesthesia, a sensory perception condition, impacts her perspective, and shares some insight into her own personal style.


Do you have a formula for developing your color combinations? Any color rules?

"It depends on the piece or the series that I am working on and which color rules I'm adhering to. Each piece has meaning and each series serves a purpose to tell a story, so I pick my colors based on the story I am telling. Colors are tied to music and sound for me with my Synesthesia so often the colors of a painting are chosen based on a combination of songs I've chosen for the mood of the work. I then decide if the story would be best served by complementary [hues opposite each other on the color wheel], analogous [adjacent on the color wheel] monochromatic [variations of a single color] or custom color variations therein. I tend to be attracted most to complementary compound colors." 


Leaf It Alone by Christine Olmstead

Complementary colors pink and green strike a perfect balance on this dreamy canvas print. 


Can you explain your artistic process, from conception through completion?

"I have a running list of ideas to explore, projects to work on, and things to test. When I have an idea for a series or a concept for a piece, usually it goes through various testing stages, iterations, and refinements before it is a deliverable product. Most ideas start in my head about a year to two years before anyone sees anything. Other series are ongoing, open concepts that I've allowed myself to expound upon as the idea grows and evolves. But the process is almost always: idea, messaging surrounding the idea, figuring out the colors, movements and elements best to convey that idea, material testing, swatching, execution of work, and then.... if I'm happy with it, a deliverable product emerges."


Focus Mini by Christine Olmstead

Christine uses movement to help tell her story.    


Describe your personal style - what's hanging on your walls at home?

"In my office, which is my studio, it is all color swatches, medium tests, notes, and my works in progress on the walls. In my home, my walls are covered with original art from artists I love. My goal when collecting art is to only buy original works and it's been one of the best investments for adding depth and richness of tone and dimensionality in my home. Some of my favorite works in my home include custom handmade tapestries and antique Chinese rice paper ink paintings from the 17th century."


 Exp by Christine Olmstead

 Her intricate designs and textures beautifully pop as larger wall tapestries. 


Are there any trends you're currently following?

"I try to stay away from trends for the most part because they are replaceable. My goal is to try and stick with timeless elements and therefore I'm constantly trying to suss out the line between 'timeless' and just 'trendy'. Metallics and mixing metals is something which is on trend, but metallics in and of themselves are timeless. This is something I've been playing with. Something I am personally playing with, which I think is indicative of the time in which we live, is the customization and personalization of a piece of art. I have been exploring this concept for the last few years and I think I'm finally coming close to the product I'm able to share with the world."



Uncertain Future2 by Christine Olmstead

Christine creates gorgeous wall art you'll love for years to come.


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