Traditional Home Décor Themes

Traditional Home Décor Themes

Dress Up Your Home With These Traditional Home Décor Themes

European villas, elegant estates, moss-covered castles, and country manors — traditional design enjoys a long and storied history of warm and luxurious spaces worldwide. There’s nothing quite like the sheen of a polished marble mantle, a glittering light fixture, metallic sconces, jewel-tone rugs, and deep tufted chairs. 

Traditional home décor has a timeless appeal that adds a stately expression with the added design potential of elegantly complimenting modern elements. Here are three traditional themes that elevate interior design and achieve a timeless yet very “now” aesthetic.

Florals and Vignettes

Florals and still lifes have long been ubiquitously pleasing mainstays in traditional design. Floral bouquet art is an easy way to add a pop of rich color to a neutral-tone wall. Vignettes offer a visual composition that draws the eye with objects and tones. Some of our favorite pieces include work by Dutch artist Hans Paus and watercolor florals by New Mexican artist Shealeen Louise.


Morning Glories by Shealeen Louise Wrapped Canvas

Sunflower Duo by Rachel McNaughton Framed Print
Pears by PI Creative Art Framed Print 

Still Life 5 by Hans Paus Black Framed Print


Ocean and Nautical Scenes

Storybook beaches, sailboats, and lighthouses are perfect design additions for a stand-alone statement piece in a library den or home office or as part of a gallery wall in the main living space. We love oceanic scenes by American Impressionist Richard Wallich, who captures his subjects with “boundless energy, unique color palette, and exuberant brush strokes.”

Dingle by Richard Wallich Framed Print

Ocean Lighthouse by PI Creative Art Wrapped Canvas


Blush Shell II by PI Creative Art Framed Print  

Countryside Vistas

Country scenes offer a window into the storybook as nostalgia blends with lush green, sky blue, and goldenrod field color stories. Paus focuses on “The ancient landscape of his native soil, the region Twente, is beside the impressions of his travels, a great source of inspiration. He gives a contemporary twist to the traditional impressionistic remembrance with vivid colors and a unique wet in wet painting technique.”


 Cotswolds 1 by Hans Paus - Framed Print 


Italy 2 by Hans Paus Black Framed Print

Our Americanflat creative team has curated a masterful collection of traditional design pieces and inspiration into one easy-to-shop collection. Browse it today and kick off your next design project with taste and inspiration.

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