The Best Southwest Designs For Your Home

The Best Southwest Designs For Your Home

Best of the Southwest Design Styles

The American Southwest beckons to the adventurers-at-heart. Geological wonders and diverse topography take travelers on the journey of a lifetime. Cactuses and succulents of the desert meet the soaring heights and aspen forests of mountain ranges. These locations are filled with beauty that fires up creative art and inspired design.

Our newly curated Southwest collection offers easy and trend-forward ways to incorporate Southwest elements into your home decor.

Desert Photography

Desert photography pieces immediately elevate wall and shelf spaces. Some of our favorite groupings are triptychs or gallery wall sets with coordinating colors and themes. Framed photography complements different decor styles, from the off-the-grid, traditional cabin to a modern, urban loft to a bohemian bungalow.

Desert Drive Photography by Tanya Shumkina
Contemporary Southwest Photography - 6 Piece Gallery Set

Modern Design and Color Stories

Create a Southwest-inspired room or home design, drawing from an art piece or nature scene. Choose a hue and create a complementary color scheme by pairing a color from the opposite side of the color wheel. For example, azure blue and golden orange or sandstone red and succulent green. Choose a neutral wall color to bring the art forward.

Desert Garden Sunset By Modern Tropical 


Coastal Southwestern Landscape - 6 Piece Gallery Set

Classic Nostalgia

For many of us, postcards were one of the first ways we learned how to decorate when we were young — picking up reminders of our trips, whether near or far. Anderson Design Group takes souvenir enthusiasm to the next level with National Park pieces.

KC National Park Grand Canyon Sunset

Shop the complete collection of Southwest-inspired art and home decor. For more design inspiration, check out our Pinterest and Instagram pages.

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