Spotlight on Artist Collections During Women’s History Month

Spotlight on Artist Collections During Women’s History Month

Spotlight on Artist Collections During Women’s History Month

“Art is not what you see, it’s what you make others see.” - Georgia O’Keefe

Women’s History Month is commemorated every March through observation of the transformative contributions of luminaries, leaders, change-makers, and the role all women play in our shared history. Women have ignited conversations, blazed trails, shatter glass ceilings, and paved the way for generations of Americans.

Here at Americanflat we are proud to feature female artists, and the majority of artist collections on the site are created by women (80%)! Every time an order is placed, the artist is paid — and we love connecting our customers with up-and-coming creatives and designers. Americanflat is committed to the intersectional empowerment of women and providing a marketplace to showcase their amazing artistic contributions.


Here are some of our favorite categories that encapsulate the best themes of Women’s History Month from women we love:


Female Figures

From minimalist modern line drawings to vibrant color block silhouettes to traditional-inspired watercolors and oil painting prints, portraits and figures are celebrated in a variety of expressions. Framed prints and wrapped canvases give art pieces a polished gallery flair that is ready for installation.


Woman Face with Flowers 1 by Grab My Art


Ethnic Woman by Ikonolexi


Modern Woman with Flowers - 9 Piece Framed Gallery Set



Vacation Mode II by Sabina Fenn


Fierce Friendships

Some of the most prolific stories are written about and through sisterhood. These pieces commemorate the bonds that bring us together and celebrate women’s strength in numbers. Found in various art and design styles throughout the site, here are three of our favorite pieces.



Stronger Together by Sarah Dahir



Her and Her by Explicit Design



Women by Ella Seymour Design 


Powerful Messages

Words of wisdom designed with trendy fonts and illustrations offer the perfect piece for any room from kitchen to nursery. 


 Women Who Read Are Dangerous by Peach and Gold



Stand Tall by Hope Bainbridge 


Wild Woman by Leah Flores 


Celebrating Motherhood

Brilliant blooms and bouquets, word art, and other homages to motherhood remind us of the power and love women share down through the generations. Wall art is the perfect way to elevate this adoration.



For My Mom Floral by Sharon Montgomery 



Mom Inspiration II by Wild Apple 



Mom Heart by Hope Bainbridge



Mother's Day Blooms by World Art Group - 2 Piece Canvas Gallery Set 



Shop these and more at Americanflat’s Women’s History Month collection. Browse our Pinterest for more design inspiration.

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