Redecorating: How to Stay Sane

Redecorating: How to Stay Sane

So, you want to redecorate. Maybe you've been on an HGTV binge and are armed with great ideas, or maybe you're just starting the process. Redecorating can be stressful, but's supposed to be fun! Read on for our tried-and-true redecorating tips, designed with ultimate ease factor in mind.

Step 1: Keep Calm

Start slow. If you feel like this is going to take you months and months, pick one room that is close to being done. That way you can relish in the small victories! 

Maybe it's a small space like your bathroom or entryway, or maybe you love your duvet and want to curate a vibe around it. 

You don't have to do it all at once. Take your time with it! 

Step 2: Test The Waters

Art is about YOU. What do you like? Identify your vibe with some good old-fashioned research. This step is the most fun because it solely requires poking around on the internet or flipping through magazines. Scroll through your Pinterest - what similarities do you see in your pins? 

Are you immediately gravitating toward light, neutral spaces or are your boards full of dark, dramatic interiors? Maybe you realized your turquoise duvet wasn't an accident.  See what's out there to give yourself a better idea of what mood you're going for. 

Don't put pressure on yourself to identify your design style with a word. You don't have to claim your home is "rustic" or "coastal" or "modern", the space will speak for itself! 

Check out our Pinterest and Instagram for some awesome interior design inspo.

Step 3: Take The Plunge 

Okay, time to make some decisions. You now have an idea of what you want to fill your space with. So make it happen! 

Choosing prints can feel overwhelming because there is  so much out there. BUT! You're armed with research. What has resonated with you? Is there a particular look and feel that you've gravitated towards more than others? Take the plunge! Choose a couple prints that reflect your newly-discovered design style and see what happens. 

You want to feel comfortable with the pieces - live with them a little. If they don't work, they don't work. There's no reason to own art you don't love. 

Step 4: Set Sail

You're ready to display your art! Start by experimenting with the layout of your pieces. Do you like a gallery wall, or some leaning against furniture? Maybe you just want one or two pieces above your bed or sofa. The beauty of art is that it can be easily moved and rearranged! See what sticks.

And...voila! You’re ready to start enjoying your newly designed space. Making small changes is the key to surviving an interior design overhaul.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more design inspiration, decorating tips, how-to’s (ever wondered how to hang a gallery wall?!) and more from Americanflat!

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