Picking and Placing the Right-Sized Wall Art

Picking and Placing the Right-Sized Wall Art

Picking and Placing the Right-Sized Wall Art

Wall art has the power to add just the right design punch, but it requires finesse and precise planning to choose the best piece for your project. This “measure twice, hang once” how-to guide will help you show off your style and select the right pieces so that your wall can shine with minimal effort and no herculean headaches.

 Wall Art Size Options

Americanflat pieces arrive ready-to-hang with thoughtful gallery details. Classic European design frames complement art digitally printed on premium paper. Canvases are made with 100% cotton and engineered with proprietary technology for tidy corners and edges and fortified with solid cardboard backing.



Tiny But Memorable 

A standard postcard or photo size, a 5" x 7" piece delivers while propped on a shelf or in a mix of multiples as part of a gallery wall.

Sneaky Cat by Laura Graves 


Small and Group-Ready

Canvases and framed prints come in both 8" x 10" and 11" x 14". These small pieces look exceptional when working together amongst a collection.


White Fern III and White Fern I by Chaos and Wonder Design

Ink Maze, Tribal Beat, and Tribal Rhythm by Ejaaz Haniff



Standard and Versatile

Canvases and framed prints are both available in 16" x 20". Canvases are also available in 20" x 24", while framed prints are available in 18" x 24". This multipurpose group works in a range of wall settings from an entryway foyers to home offices and bathrooms.

Apricot Dawn by Louise Robinson



A Step-Up to Statement

Never shy, these pieces all have sizable dimensions. Canvases and printed frames are both available in 24" x 36". We also offer canvas pieces in 24" x 30" and printed frames are available in 22" x 28". These pieces have enough weight and dimension to stand-alone and can be featured as a statement in a living room or above a headboard in a bedroom.


Only For A Moment by PI Creative Art



Showstopping Selections

Our largest artwork size is a canvas, measuring at 32" x 48". It requires a large expanse of blank space and a full commitment. Hang it up and let it stand out as a glorious solo feat!


5 Make-It-Perfect Tips for Spaces and Spacing

  • A good rule of thumb is to hang art about 57+ inches above the floor or 6-12 inches above a piece of furniture.
  • Lower ceilings require more visual balance. Therefore, if the room has ceilings below 8-feet high, break the wall into four sections and hang the art in the third section
  • Americanflat has various gallery wall templates for design planning. These include Organic, Symmetrical, On the Shelf, and Separately arrangements. Remember to leave 2-3 inches in between pieces and let the pieces breathe with white space.
  • Art at different heights has different rules. Line up middles when hanging multiple pieces. When hanging artwork above the stairs, place a piece above every third step for a fluid diagonal feel.
  • Embrace hardware. Incorporate display shelves and arrange in parallel formation on a wall. Bring together different objects and art pieces - with varying height, textures, and color stories - to engage the eye.


Shopping on Americanflat.com is a design invitation to collect amazing artist works. Use these tips to master your new wall art arrangements.

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