New 8 Piece Gallery Wall Sets

New 8 Piece Gallery Wall Sets

New 8-Piece Sets to Kick Off Your Design Project

Do you have an uninspired space above your headboard? A neglected corner of wall in your office? An entryway console that needs sprucing up? Transform empty spaces with these new gallery sets. 

Curated by Americanflat design experts, these hand-selected collections are perfect for smaller spaces and focused projects, such as above furniture pieces. Because of their size and complementary design direction, the 8-piece sets are ideal starting points for building your own gallery wall. For under $90, they are a fantastic value and include works by PI Creative Art, an artist collective of fine artists, photographers, graphic artists, and textile designers.


Here are a few of our favorite new arrivals: 

beach art

Craving The Coast - 8 Piece Art Set

Serene blues and neutral washes make this a perfect collection for just about any room in the house. Nautical watercolors are accompanied by photography and abstract geometric shapes in similar white, blue, and turquoise color stories.

tropical art
Tropical Travel Dream - 8 Piece Art Set
Reds make this collection pop. Each piece includes a red focal point that builds visual interest across elegant art styles.
colorful art
Colorful Paint Strokes - 8 Piece Art Set

This collection makes a statement with abstract, geometric shapes. A rainbow of modern colors flows through the group, which is anchored around navy accents. 

Pink Perfume Bloom - 8 Piece Art Set

This dreamy curation is perfect for a bedroom, walk-in closet, or bathroom. We love the pairing of feminine color blocks with elegant line drawings and sketches. 


Gold + Neutral Nature - 8 Piece Art Set

Ideal for modern home design or adding a high-impact element to a room, this set stands out with a mix of golden accents and black geometric shapes. Adventure is expressed through bold textures and lines.

Gallery framing gives each set a fine art finish that elevates any room’s design. Peruse all 15 new sets, and find just the right collection for your home design project.


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