Kids' Bedroom & Playroom Design Ideas

Kids' Bedroom & Playroom Design Ideas

Children's rooms are containers for dreams. They are creative multifunctional spaces to be filled with playtime and quiet time, reading and learning, sleeping, and waking. Whether you are starting a fresh space or converting an existing room, a little bit of planning will help bring together your vision and create an inspired look that your child will love.


5 Steps to Get Started:

  1. Get inspired. Choose a style or theme like bohemian, modern, animal inspired, playful, or mid-century to kick off the room’s décor. 
  2. Collect a few pieces to guide the aesthetic. Maybe it's a plush animal, quilted blanket, or a seashell — finding inspiration pieces will help guide coordinating color stories and patterns. This also makes it easier to mix and match with items you already own! 
  3. Create a plan. Take room measurements. Build a list of existing inventory and what needs to be purchased to bring it all together. Identify must-haves based on your chosen style and aesthetic.
  4. Gather your materials and select furnishings. Find pieces that embrace your design vision. Get creative with mixing and matching materials, and remember - these rooms are meant to be playful and fun! 


Nursery looks we love:

Modern Animals

White backgrounds and photography-style prints give a modern gallery finish and make styling your baby's room so simple! Friendly animal portraits go perfectly with a stuffed friend,  We also love this accompanied by more neutral toned minimalist decor and a featured animal print pattern.


Nursery Decor Ideas

nursery room wall art


Out of this World

Create a space for wondrous dreams. Our outer space gallery wall sets add color, adventure, and a bit of galactic mystery to walls. Pair with a solar system mobile or star patterned crib sheets and bedding. The sky is the limit! 

astronaut decor

planets wall art


Curious Young Minds

Spark learning with these brightly colored prints and canvas works that inspire conversation, learning, and imagination. 


children's home decor

creative kid's decor


Fashion Color Stories

Choose an anchor color, inspiration photo, or art piece. Build a complementary gallery wall using the color theme throughout like pastels, West Coast retro, vibrant watercolors, or bold primaries. Mix and match illustrations with photography for a DIY effect. You can’t go wrong with Americanflat’s organic and symmetrical gallery wall templates!

little girl bedroom decor


unique children decor

Fun & Funky Children's Galley Wall Set


Shop these inspired nursery and kids’ collections, and more. For more darling ideas, check out Americanflat’s Instagram and Pinterest pages.

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