3 Ways to Use Headboard Art to Elevate Bedroom Décor

3 Ways to Use Headboard Art to Elevate Bedroom Décor

One of our favorite bedroom design trends is art as a headboard replacement. Art is a highly versatile substitute to headboard styles that come and go with the seasons. Art offers a subtle yet maximum impact—switch out pieces to match new bedding, furniture, and other aesthetic changes.

Get inspired with these three design tips for sprucing up bedroom décor with a bold replacement to the traditional headboard:


1. Curate a Symmetrical Gallery Wall

Incorporate the visual interest of a gallery wall with new grid-style art sets or square sets. Serene neutrals and deep indigo and turquoise color stories incorporate calming colors for restful sleep. Use our template - that comes with every set purchase - to create a symmetrical, horizontal layout.

Neutral Nature Photography by Sisi and Seb - 8 Piece Framed Art Set

California Surf - 6 Piece Gallery Wall Set
Industrial Blue Palms by Emanuela Carratoni



 2. Install a Modern Organic Gallery Wall

Give your bedroom a custom look with our hand-selected gallery wall sets. From vibrant abstract tropical pieces to Mid Century geometric shapes to photography series, gallery walls infuse your space with a creative spirit that feels both thoughtful and original.

Ocean and Beach Photography - 6 Piece Art Set
Botanical Boho Girl - 6 Piece Art Set
3. Hang Side-by-Side Canvases


Abstract and landscape designs complement uncluttered, minimalist settings. If you like the look of two pieces, you can also do large side-by-side wrapped canvas pieces. From small to oversized, wrapped canvas 2 and 3 piece sets come in various designs and color stories that serve as maximalist replacements for headboards. 

Pink Ficus - 2 Piece Set by PI Creative Art
Terracotta Abstract Shapes by Wall + Wonder 


Get started on your new bedroom design inspiration today! Find more bedroom décor ideas on our Pinterest and Instagram pages and explore new gallery wall sets. 


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