Artist Spotlight: Chaos & Wonder

Artist Spotlight: Chaos & Wonder


Chaos & Wonder artist, Michelle, masterminds fresh takes on contrasting styles of art and design. Her pieces are an transcendental exploration of mediums and moods. We caught up with the Chaos & Wonder creator to discuss how she blends modern and traditional, picks subjects, and translates emotion so intuitively in her work. 


What intrigues you most about blending modern and traditional influences?

"Design-wise, I prefer a harmonious space, but I don’t like matchy art or décor. For me, the magic is in the contrast of different eras and styles of art. Be it grouping modern abstract art with vintage works in a gallery wall or the juxtaposition of modern and traditional imagery within a single piece. For example, a vintage oil painting with a pop of color that doesn’t belong there or an 18th-century landscape with a digital glitch can draw the viewer in to take a closer look at a classic piece they might otherwise have walked right by without notice." 

Lipstick Red by Chaos & Wonder

How do you select your subjects? 

"I’m interested in people – portraits and figures – and images of the natural world. Working with or referencing vintage imagery inspires me because I’m intrigued by the subjects and the related history. A portrait makes me wonder about the sitter; a collection of shells inspires curiosity about the collector. I love historical cabinets of curiosities!"

Flower Veil by Chaos & Wonder

Your wall art feels both ethereal and bold. How do you capture so much emotion in your work?

"Along with the contrast of imagery and styles (as mentioned earlier), I like drama and mystery in my images. I think I’m often obscuring something in my work, be it with layers of texture and moody tones or collaged objects or paint covering parts of a subject’s identity."

 Rose Portrait by Chaos & Wonder

Describe your favorite mood and the color palette that accompanies it.

"My favorite mood is quiet, with storm clouds brewing, serene with a little edge. My palette is colors inspired by nature - watery blues, cloud grays, pine greens, and earthy ochres and browns."

Aerial Beach by Chaos & Wonder

Tell us about your workspace! What is your home dècor style?

"I love layers of textures and neutral colors. Home is my refuge; I need my surroundings to be calm and serene, but not dull! I’m the kind of person who places a disco ball in a buddha statue’s palm and will hang a small 19th-century painting of fish in a gilded frame on the wall above the cat’s food dish. A little quirk goes a long way. I like guests in my home to discover these small details and be delighted by them. As far as my home office and studio space, lots of natural light is a must, and I tend to bring more color to my workspaces."

Abstract Peonies by Chaos & Wonder

Is there a part of the process that you find to be most challenging, as well as rewarding?

"My biggest challenges are pacing myself when exploring all the ideas and mediums I’m curious about and keeping up with the latest technology. Clients are now asking for huge images, and I want to deliver the best quality I can, so I invest in tech and continuing education.

What I find most rewarding is when customers tag me on social media or send me pictures of their decorating projects. It’s an honor to be a part of making someone’s personal space beautiful."

Falling Abstract by Chaos & Wonder

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