7 Duvet Covers That Will Transform Your Bedroom

7 Duvet Covers That Will Transform Your Bedroom

7 Duvet Covers That Will Transform Your Bedroom

The perfect bedroom atmosphere offers a retreat that you can’t wait to arrive home to. It is where your day begins and ends so it should be full of design features that you love. If you’re in need of bedroom decor ideas, start with a statement duvet. Americanflat features a range of affordable, stylish duvets that are an easy way to give your room a totally new look. Created by artists and available in every design aesthetic from minimal modern to watercolor florals, duvets are made with premium quality durable brushed polyester to retain their original color and shape.


Untitled 18 by Kasi Minami

The abstract designs of Kasi Minami bring together the best of minimalist and modern art. Monochromatic colors and striking brushstroke lines infuse passion and mystery into bedroom decor. Pairs perfectly with complementary neutral colorways.



Luxury Metal Copper and Luxury Marble by Grab My Art

Set the tone with the luxurious aesthetic by Grab My Art. Inspired by the female form and natural elements, this collection blends stone and precious metals that shine in every room. 



Naive by Susana Paz

Bold geometric patterns take bedroom decor in a whole new direction. Unexpected and original, Susan Paz duvets feature trend-forward patterns that elevate a bedroom’s style points. 



Tropical Leaves by Elena O’Neill

These patterns pop with watercolor illustrations and unexpected textures -- making it the perfect bedding choice for biophilic impressions. Effusive feelings of wellness and wellbeing are found in the rich green leaves and crisp white backgrounds. 



Waiting In The Wings II by Emma Thomas

This dreamy duvet collection features impressionist watercolor by artist Emma Thomas. The incredible depth and layered colors of this bedding staple make it a perfect accent.  



Midnight Blue Storm by Ingrid Beddoes

Brilliant hyperreal photography gives life to bedding with beaches, waves, and natural elements. This oceanic duvet is perfect for travel, nautical, modern, and bohemian decor styles. 



Blue Peony by Harrison Ripley

Harrison Ripley’s duvets capture the best of traditional design with cheerful florals painted with broad watercolor brushstrokes and color palettes. Like a lovely walk in the park, these garden varieties add a bright pop to bedroom decor. 



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