5 Ways to Create a Restful Retreat

5 Ways to Create a Restful Retreat

Five Ways to Create a Restful Retreat

“Home is where the heart is” is more than a cute idiom. It is the perfect philosophy for designing a space that puts you at ease and helps you relax into your surroundings to spend more time in joy and mindfulness. Perhaps it is a soft throw, a warm color story, or the sight of sunshine coming through the window — these small comforts have an amazing impact. 

Using Americanflat art as inspiration, we’ve listed our five favorite ways to transform interior spaces into a cozy and restful retreat:

  1. Choose a soothing color palettes

Neutral, warm tones invoke feelings of calm, relaxation, peace, and mindfulness. Neutrals can include white, gray, brown, and beige — trending neutrals include bronze, pale apricot, almond, light granite gray, and misty aqua. The upside to using a neutral base is that they are incredibly easy to decorate with and match furniture, textiles, and art.


Blue Watercolor Circles by Ikonolexi Framed Print

Smoky Blush By Louise Robinson - 3 Piece Set

Only for a Moment Coastal - 6 Piece Set


  1. When in doubt, add plants

Wellness and wellbeing are derived from natural elements. One way to brighten up a corner or infuse a room with a spa-like feel is to add a potted plant or hang art that includes outdoors-inspiration like this gallery set by Sisi and Seb.

With You in Malibu by Sisi and Seb - 8 Piece Set

Neutral Boho Travels by Sabina Fenn


  1. Revel in thoughtful textiles, linens, natural textures

Minimal modern to traditional home design styles all benefit from a thoughtful curation of fabrics and textures. That’s why we love this Americanflat-exclusive set of a seagrass basket and light but cozy cotton throw blanket — it’s easy to decorate with and serves multiple design purposes.

Seagrass Basket & Cotton Throw Blanket
  1. Curate an uplifting energy flow

One of the tenements of Feng Shui is giving purpose to each room through the thoughtful placement of furniture pieces, art, plants, and other home decor. This confluence is facilitated by minimizing clutter and adding balance for a healthy flow that welcomes new and optimistic energy.

Beach Broadwalk - 6 Piece Set

Rainbow Road by Moira Hershey

  1. Let in the light

Natural light not only makes a space brighter and more spacious, but it also offers an array of wellness benefits like warding off seasonal depression, improving sleep, and boosting immunity. Capture more light by adding mirrors, removing heavy window treatments in favor of lighter fabrics, and choosing lighter neutral tones.



 Boho Summer Scene Poster

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