2022 Decor Trends Are a Nod to 70s Style

2022 Decor Trends Are a Nod to 70s Style

The 1970s is a decade defined by social justice movements, political scandals, the end of the Vietnam War, space exploration, and the advent of digital technology. It was a time of accelerated change in the U.S. The experimentalism and new modalities of expression are reflected in iconic design and decor that pushes boundaries and experiments with shapes and colors.

The 70s was a veritable interior design smorgasbord of rattan, macrame, terrazzo, fringe, and shag. Smatterings of the era are found across popular mainstream trends that we still know and love today, like Bohemian, minimalist modern, and traditional home design. Geometric shapes, technicolor palettes, and power-clashing patterns are hallmarks of 70s interior design.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to work with the best design elements of the decade.

Channel Technicolor Energy

2022 is bringing a decidedly optimistic energy, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with a euphoric design that is anything but reserved. Incorporate literal or more subtle nods to rainbows in wall art, area rugs, textiles, and bedding.

Rainbow Candy Cane by Rosi Feist

Mash-Up Styles for an Eclectic Statement

Just like the macrame owls, shag carpet, and fantastic plastic surfaces that covered 70s homes—the decade was a glorious soup of inspiration. The 2022 update on this idea uses magenta, citrus, periwinkle, and indigo as vibrant accent colors to tie together different design elements. Couple a statement gallery wall with muted surroundings or use it to inspire a more-is-more space.

<Botanical Boho Girl - 9 Piece Framed Gallery Set>

This gallery wall set shows how everything can be a bold compliment, from a maximalist centerpiece to a line drawing.

Warm Up With Rust and Browns

Like a brown and yellow crochet throw, this update has terracotta and earthy neutrals. Refresh your space with neutral white walls and an oversized two-piece set.

<Earthy Boho Rainbows Art by Wall + Wonder>

Or pair this rich color story with modern organic decor, potted plants, and wood grain paneled furniture pieces and accessories.

Tiny House Plants by Pauline Stanley

If you appreciate an excellent rainbow color story or a psychedelic pattern, you’re going to love the 70s-inspired collection our design team curated. 

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