Step-by-Step Guide to Framing Jerseys and T-Shirts

Step-by-Step Guide to Framing Jerseys and T-Shirts

If you're wondering what to do with a bunch of sports jerseys you stored in your basement or closet, jersey framing is your best solution. Professionally displaying jerseys celebrates your favorite teams and players and honors unforgettable moments, victories, and love for the game. Every framed jersey narrates a story, expressing what it means to be a true sports fan and the extraordinary experiences and emotions that are a part of the journey. It's also an excellent way to elevate the ambiance of your entertainment space, game room, or living area.


A framed sports jersey adds visual interest and personality to your space. It draws attention and sparks conversation, making your room more engaging and dynamic. This focal point leads to discussions about sports, favorite teams, memorable games, and shared experiences, facilitating connections and creating memorable interactions.


Whether you're a devoted sports enthusiast or just want to showcase a few jerseys, framing them is an excellent way to exhibit their charm. It protects them from damage and elevates them into artistic pieces that retain their value and importance.


Here are some reasons why you want to frame and display your jerseys:


Safeguards Against Damage


Jerseys are crafted from delicate fabrics and endure substantial wear and tear, especially when worn frequently. Framing a jersey protects against potential damage, ensuring it lasts for years. This protective measure extends the lifespan of your jerseys, safeguarding them from the harmful effects of UV light, dust, and other elements that contribute to their gradual degradation. Framing not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of your jerseys but also maintains their integrity and value.


Display Your Keepsakes


Framing provides an exceptional method for highlighting special occasions, such as honoring a beloved athlete or showcasing your child's accomplishments. Try attaching photos alongside your jerseys to enhance the display and share special memories.


Increased Worth 


A framed jersey is more valuable in terms of monetary worth and sentimental significance than an unframed one. Collectors and potential buyers will pay a higher price for a well-maintained and correctly displayed jersey.


Decorative Element


Sports jerseys can be ornamental additions in entertainment-specific spaces or game rooms. It creates a personal touch to the decor, showcasing your passion for sports, favorite teams, or memorable moments. This personalization can make the room more inviting by reflecting your individuality. 



How to Frame a Jersey


Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to frame a shirt to enjoy a stress-free experience:


Tools You'll Need


  • Measuring Tape


  • Foam board


  • Straight pins


  • Needle and thread


  • Clothing Iron


1. Measure and choose your frame: Begin by measuring your jersey. Ensure that your jersey frame can accommodate its dimensions, typically around 23" L x 1.5" W x 31" H. Choosing a Lockable Jersey Display Case can add an extra layer of protection.


2. Iron out creases: Press your jersey with an iron to achieve a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance. This is a crucial step to guarantee it maintains a crisp and professional look when framed.


3. Proper positioning: Lay the jersey on a clean, flat surface and arrange it to display the team name, number, and any significant logos or signatures. Important factors to remember when framing a football, basketball, hockey, or soccer jersey. You want to position it in the frame with the back facing out and let the sleeves hang loosely or fold naturally. However, for a baseball jersey, ensure the front is visible in the frame, with the sleeves folded over the top to showcase the pinstripes or championship patches.


4. Pin and Secure: Once you’re satisfied with the layout, gently pin the jersey to the backing material of the frame. Start from the top of the shoulders and work your way down, ensuring the jersey is taut. Use fabric-friendly pins to avoid damage.


5. Stitch for Security: Stitch or use masking tape to the backing at critical points for added stability, especially for heavier jerseys. Use clear or color-matched thread or tape for a seamless look. Critical areas are around the neckline, shoulders, or bottom hem.


6. Final Assembly: Carefully position the plexiglass over the jersey, ensuring no part of the jersey comes into contact with the cover. Secure the back of the frame, and your jersey is ready for display. Your framed jersey is a homage to your dedication, a conversation piece, and a cherished addition to your sports collection for years to come.


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Now that you’ve learned how to frame sports jerseys, why not add to your collection? Grab some additional specialty frames to spice up your space, and check out our blog post, Framing 101: Understanding Standard Frame Sizes and How to Measure Them, for helpful framing tips. Happy framing!

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