Leah's Custom Gallery Wall Sets - Fast, Easy, and Affordable Wall Decor

Leah's Custom Gallery Wall Sets - Fast, Easy, and Affordable Wall Decor

We’ve all been there, trying to decorate a new home or redecorate a home that’s had the same look for too long. We go to the internet, spend hours on Pinterest, or we go out and spend a day searching through thrift stores to find an assortment of art that will look great arranged together.

All of that can be time-consuming and frustrating, not to mention a little overwhelming! The idea of a gallery wall (a collection of art prints hung together to make a powerful, visually synergistic effect of harmonious artwork), sounds easy enough on paper. But envisioning how the art will look in our mind's eye versus going out and finding the art and making sure each piece looks great with every other piece is definitely easier said than done!

Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to put together 5-7 art pieces on your own? And wouldn’t it be easier if you didn’t have to buy 5-7 art pieces from 5-7 different retailers to make a gallery wall?

Curated Gallery Art Sets – Americanflat Helps Solve Your Wall Art Dilemma

Affordable Home Decor

Americanflat is changing the way people decorate. The primary reason why people don’t create the home decor they want is that they don’t know how to put together gallery walls that flow with their interior design. It takes lots of practice to understand how to intertwine styles, colors, and mediums to create an intriguing, sophisticated art set that looks fantastic.

Our team at Americanflat helps people create beautiful interior spaces by taking the guesswork out of gallery wall sets. Our talented artists and designers work together to create curated gallery walls for you. We have hundreds of gallery walls to choose from. And better yet, each set is customizable. Once you get an idea for where the art set will go in your home, you can add or subtract individual pieces to truly customize the gallery wall for you.

And don’t forget, if you see one particular art print in a gallery set that you think would look fantastic in your home as a stand-alone piece, you can order that item separately.

Leah’s Story – One Customer’s Experience Decorating a Nursery with Curated, Framed Art Prints from Americanflat

Our designers at Americanflat create gallery art sets to help homeowners easily order curated framed art prints that match the style and decor of their home. Leah Ashley found our artwork after trying desperately to find wall art for her baby boy’s nursery. She told us she usually shops at thrift stores, as she loves vintage art, travel art, and poster art.

But given that many thrift stores are still closed due to COVID-19, Leah had gone online to see what was available in the digital realm.

Right away, Leah was overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there in the form of vintage poster art. With thousands upon thousands of vendors, artists, and design styles, who could possibly have the time to sift through and create a coordinated gallery art set? And without having all of the different pieces assembled side-by-side, how could one know what the completed gallery wall would look like until the pieces were paid for, shipped, and delivered?

Leah came across our Americanflat website, and she fell in love with our curated gallery art sets. She appreciated how each set was already assembled and photographed in great detail. Inspired by our curated vintage poster art, Leah used our sets to create her own gallery wall, an assortment of art that ended up being perfect for her little boy’s room.

Affordable Home Decor

In Leah’s words:

“I gave the baby’s room a little art makeover this morning with the help of an art set I created with Americanflat. Gallery walls can be intimidating to create which is why I love the art sets that are already curated by Americanflat! I’ve partnered with them to create my very own sets that you can shop! The set I used in the baby’s room is vintage inspired, colorful and perfect for our Americana inspired nursery!”

Leah loved her art set so much, she even made an set that would go well in another room in her house! She posted about it on Instagram, and you can see the post by clicking on over to her Instagram profile.  

And because we loved Leah’s gallery art set so much, we put her chosen pieces together and made it available right here on our website. Thanks, Leah!  

Hand-curated Wall Art Sets, Chosen for You  

At Americanflat, you can choose from different decor styles and artist collaborators to build your own gallery art set, or you can choose one of our specially curated gallery walls! Whichever route you take, we’ve removed the guesswork and confusion from home decor and interior design, enabling you to quickly select an assortment of art prints that looks great, complement each other, and add a special touch to any room.  

We’ve put together dozens of gallery wall sets, choosing from thousands of prints to create hundreds of sets that flow together. These sets embody the true artistic harmony achieved when several art pieces work together to create a one-of-a-kind gallery wall. Each set is designed to be hung together as an art collage of sorts; each gallery wall a memorable, unique entwinement of art and beauty.  

And last but not least, each art print from every gallery wall we've put together is already framed and ready-to-hang, and we even included hanging hardware! All you need to do is:  

• Pick an art-starved wall.

• Place your order for the gallery wall of your dreams.

• Await delivery and unbox your art when it arrives.

• Arrange the art how you'd like, or follow the pattern created by our art director and hang your set in the same pattern shown on our website.

• Follow along with our handy template if you need further assistance and hang the art!

It takes just minutes from unwrapping your Americanflat delivery to having a newly installed, beautifully designed gallery wall, ready to be enjoyed for years to come. To get started, check out our most popular gallery art sets, or begin by choosing an artist who’s style fits your home decor.  

And until next time, happy decorating!  

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