How to Hang Wallpaper in Five Easy Steps

How to Hang Wallpaper in Five Easy Steps

How to Hang Wallpaper in Five Easy Steps

Wallpaper is a big way to dress up a room with a bold style statement that is uniquely yours. And the best part? Americanflat’s collection of peel-and-stick wallpaper not only features prints created by independent designers, it also delivers a spectacular space-refresh with no long term commitments. 

Don't be intimidated by this DIY project! In five easy steps, you'll be able to transform your blank walls with this high-impact refresh.


Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll - Gray Blossom Flowers by Decoworks


Before you get started...

Ordering tip: To calculate how much wallpaper you need to order, find the area of each wall (width x height) and then add all of the wall totals together. Estimate liberally so that you have enough to complete your project!


Here is how to tackle this home project in five simple steps:


1. Prep Your Walls

After you’ve found and ordered the perfect, uniquely designer wallpaper, it’s time to prepare for installation. Simply clean the wall surfaces with warm water and allow it to thoroughly dry. Remove any light switch and socket covers so that wall paper adheres smoothly and you don’t have to inconveniently stop in the middle of placing it.


2. Measure Your Walls

Measure the wall from left to right and lightly mark where you plan to begin at the top and near the bottom. This is the guide for your first wallpaper panel. 


3. Cut The Wallpaper

Measure wallpaper panel & cut to wall length, add an extra inch for trimming both the top and bottom. 


4. Adhere the Paper

After cutting the wallpaper panel, remove it from the liner about 12” at a time. Line it up at the top of the wall and lay it on the surface, smoothing out air bubbles as you go. Don't worry if it's not perfect on your first try - wallpaper can be removed and repositioned as needed. 



4. Finish The Job

Repeat with panels until the wall is covered. Take your time and make sure to align the pattern to give the wall a clean, seamless look. High quality adhesive keeps the paper in place for as long as you like. Carefully cut around windows and wall sockets!


Peel Off and Start Fresh

Americanflat’s wallpaper is easy on the eyes and the walls, so when you’re ready to switch up looks or if you are renting your space and need to return it to blank walls, you can easily peel off the paper. Added bonus: wallpaper can be removed and repositioned without causing damage to your walls or leave residue behind!

If your space is in need of a much-deserved upgrade, shop Americanflat’s collection of contemporary wallpapers. Add a finishing touch with complementary color palettes and framed art. Wallpaper opens a whole new world of design possibility!


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