The most wonderful time of year is almost here, and while it may look a little different in 2020 with less parties and large gatherings, that’s even more reason to bring the merry and bright into your home. Seasonal holiday trends - including wall art and home décor - are easy to do and will instantly infuse magic and cheer.








From Scandinavian aesthetic to aprés ski and classic opulence, these styles aren’t your grandma’s seasonal wall art. Spruce up with a few changes or overhaul for maximal effects. Whatever your style, we've got you covered. 
















Decorating your home for the holidays:








Style 1 - Aprés Ski 








Rustic modern dècor can be chic with the right mix of color, texture, and luxury. Give your home an upscale ski lodge feel with wall art featuring classic evergreen color palettes and wood accents. Add in some sumptuous knit blankets for unwinding by the fire. Extra points for mugs of hot apple cider brandy!  















Moose by Tanya Shumkina















 Brown Mountain by Claudia Liebenberg    Black Dog Ski by Wild Apple















Pine Trees I by PI Creative Art















Feeling Small In The Morning by NDTANK 
















Style 2 - Scandinavian 








Centuries of Northland-living has inspired mainstream hygge - the art of comfort and coziness. To embrace the season and get you through the dark, cold nights in style, Scandinavian décor suggests modern style with natural elements. Crisp white walls pair well with thoughtful furniture pieces and simple decorative accents. Make the look yours with framed wall art, wrapped canvas pieces, and cozy throw blankets.























Snowy Nordic Trees by Tanya Shumkina 















Aurora Borealis by Luke Gram 








Wine Red Throw Blanket















Christmas Redwood Birds by Amanda Shufflebotham








Watercolor Pines Pattern by Blursbyai 
















Style 3 - Twinkling Lights








If your holiday decorating comes with a side of extra, transform your home with cosmopolitan-inspired décor. The bright lights of the big city and winter sky come inside with champagne and gold accents. Offset details with solid or patterned backgrounds of black and white. Subtle changes can bring this look to life with a couple of new throw pillows, updated shower curtain, or brilliant tapestry.















Golden Stars II by Chaos & Wonder















Hand Lettered Christmas Tree by Samantha Ranlet 















Golden Heart by Leah Flores















 Holiday Monstera by Chaos & Wonder 















Donkey Xmas Lights by Rachel McNaughton
















 Style 4 - Opulence 








A holiday fit for royalty, select wall art with rich jewel tones and bold hues. Complement with emerald, sapphire, and ruby for some extra drama. We love this look with antiqued gold silverware and vases. More is more, so embrace maximalist flair and bring on all of the trappings. 















Spread Joy Gold On by Amy Brinkman 















Luxury Metal Copper and Luxury Marble by Grab My Art















Champagne Clink by Rachel Mcnaughton















Copper Shiny Texture by Chaos & Wonder 















Poinsettia Wreath Colour by Rachel Mcnaughton
















With pumpkin spice winding down, it’s the best time to start Pinteresting your mood board and preparing for winter festivities. Choose your cold weather comforts and click through our fantastic artist designs for beautiful pieces and easy design updates. 








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