Artist Spotlight: Hope Bainbridge

Artist Spotlight: Hope Bainbridge

Hope Brainbridge’s artwork emanate boundless tranquillity. With an optimistic narrative trapped inside each one of her works, it’s only natural to lose yourself and sink in her colorful world. Growing up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Hope’s artistic style captures the awe of nature that can be found living, breathing and thriving within the canvas. 

Hope gives her own warm and whimsical touch to the artwork she creates through the colors that surround her. Her consistent and perfectly curated color palette is therapeutic to look at. While her work lingers in subtle whirlwinds of colors, it also carries a muffled energy with bold undertones.

An artwork can bring forth such a strong and personal connection to it through the right type and amount of color play.


Artistic Process

Ever seen an artist at work? Here’s a peek into how Hope creates her artwork.

Seeking Inspiration 

Hope draws inspiration from nature, objects that surround her, patterns, textures, colors and even poetry. As an artist, she is always on the lookout for creating something unique and breath-taking.

Little One by Hope Bainbridge

Concocting her Color Palette 

With the ideas now swirling around, Hope thoughtfully chooses and mixes her unique and magical colors. From subtle pastels to statement color pops, Hope takes the color combination game to the next level. Her color palette brings elements of joy, positivity and rejuvenation to the forefront.

Crown Jewel I by Hope Bainbridge

Time for the Brushwork!

From abstract paintings to patterns that capture your attention in a heartbeat, Hope’s brushwork comes with a gripping consistency that keeps the flow of her ideas intact. Using her beautiful color palette, she lets her brush do the magic, while her idea flows onto her canvas. 

Evenlyn II Bainbridge by Hope Bainbridge

Hope works with a variety of mediums that include oil paints, acrylics and water colors. Alongside creating paintings, Hope’s art spans digital designs, patterns and even photography.

Photography + Art

Hope brings a fresh perspective with the pictures she captures on her travels. A majority of her pictures are bursting with the freshness of nature. From beaches to mountains and beyond, you can feel the scene coming alive in the frame. 

She also blends her pictures with her signature digital art. You will notice symbols and geometry coming to play throughout her works. Even in her photographs and digital art pieces, you will see her rejuvenating color play popping up everywhere. 

Since our clients are fascinated by her pieces, we have collaborated with Hope to come up with a brand-new puzzle that will incorporate her work. Challenge yourself with this 500-piece puzzle that has taken shape from ‘Beach Vibes by Hope Brainbridge.’ You can gather your family and spend some quality time together while you all come together to solve this beautifully complex puzzle.


Bewitching Patterns

When you look at Hope’s patterns, you will understand how they are anything but random. This is because Hope uses mathematics to create her intriguing patterns. Every piece of the pattern is meticulously placed with the help of calculations. It’s the small details that make the biggest difference, which is why Hope’s work looks beautifully complete, with all the details breathing a life of their own.

Spring Forward by Hope Bainbridge

We love how Hope’s color palette here gives her pattern a universe of its own! 

If you’re fascinated by Hope’s work, you can now explore the magic of colors through her artwork. Hope Brainbridge’s new coloring book ‘Pattern Play’ is now available on our website to download. Some of Hope’s signature patterns are compiled in the book. You can get inspired and add your own touch to her work, all the while exploring the amazing benefits of coloring. 

For kids and adults alike, coloring offers a highly therapeutic means of recreation. It sparks creativity and imagination and builds motor skills in children. When it comes to adults, coloring can be seen as just another form of meditation. It boosts your mindfulness, tackles your mood swings and of course, makes you your own brand of artist!

It’s alright and even necessary to take a break from the conveyer belt of your hectic schedule from time to time. Click below to download the color book and Indulge in some self-induced art therapy!

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