Abstract Terracotta Theme Fires Up Decor with Trendsetting Color and Style

Abstract Terracotta Theme Fires Up Decor with Trendsetting Color and Style

Abstract Terracotta Theme Fires Up Decor with Trendsetting Color and Style

Terracotta is having a big style moment. The brownish-red earthenware has been used for centuries as a building material, art and sculptures, and vessels — rare terracotta artifacts demonstrate a medium that works for both artistic and functional aesthetic purposes.

Because of its versatile nature and color, terracotta never goes out of style. It is a favorite staple from gardening pots to southwestern and coastal home design to mid-century modern and bohemian trends. Its earthy and rich hue adds an old world and artisanal touch to home décor.

Explore the newly curated abstract terracotta wall art family:



Rainbows symbolize hope and faith, emanating happiness and creative color stories. These rainbow pieces offer a subtler version of terracotta with calming shapes and curving lines. These pieces are perfect for a children’s playroom or nursery.

 Overlapping Rainbows by Wall + Wonder


 Pastel Rainbows by Lyman Creative Co



 Terracotta Rainbows by Wall + Wonder



Abstract Shapes

Abstract shapes is a diverse category filled with an array of interpretations that embrace the terracotta hue and pair it up with different color palettes, portraying a variety of sentiments. The abstract shapes design trend is a divine match-up for mid century modern and traditional home styles alike.


 Abstract Shapes by Elena David



 Abstract by Alja Horvat




Beating Hearts by Annie Bailey


Landscape Architecture by Louise Robinson


Plants, Gardens, & Still Life-Vignettes

Organic shapes get new life with pinks, oranges, browns, and reds. The plant category is universally pleasing for every room in your home — kitchen, bathroom, dining room, or bedroom. The modern twist on terracotta and plants is a breath of fresh air, perfectly complementing your real potted plants.


Mountain View by Modern Tropical 


 Geometric Tulips by Elyse Burns

 Desert Sunrise by Modern Tropical


 Golden Greek Garden - Gallery Wall Set


People & Portraits

The warm terracotta tones add a layer sophistication to these abstract and modern portraits. Portraits have long been a wall art favorite and these designs step up a contemporary gallery wall.





Don't Look Back by Alja Horvat


 Cherries in Croatia by Sabina Fenn


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