Keep Your Spaces Organized, Inspired, and Ready for a New Year

Keep Your Spaces Organized, Inspired, and Ready for a New Year

With the promise of a sparkly new year right around the corner, there’s no better time to clean your desk, minimize the mental clutter, and embrace the potential of all that a full 365 days can be. Sure, not all progress lives and dies by New Year’s resolutions, but using an occasion to kick-start a long-overdue project or turn a new design page could be just what you and your space need. If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your home or office and make the little changes that yield big benefits, here are a few easy ways to optimize a new year with design.


Go Ahead by Elyse Burns

Change your space, change your outlook.

Shift your perspective with visual elements, such as well-designed wall art. Aspirational décor can positively influence your daily processes and foster an environment of professional creativity. 

Watercolor Type by Motivated Type - 3 Piece Gallery Wall Set

Choose a consistent theme. 

Employ color psychology and curate a cohesive feel across your space from your pens and desk accessories to your area rug and throw pillows. By choosing room accessories and finishes consistent with a scheme and color story, you can reduce noise and create the aesthetic and atmosphere you want. For example, warm neutrals with a few bright citrus accents convey a bright, optimistic feel. Blues are frequently used in professional, diplomatic atmospheres to communicate stability, trust, and collaboration. An easy way to do this is by creating an analogous color scheme, which consists of picking three colors found together on a 12-spoke color wheel.

Look forward to today and tomorrow. 

Taking a pen to paper to write down important dates, to-do’s, and things to remember later can leave your mind in a refreshingly clear state. Ease the burden of trying to remember every little detail by planning out your week in advance or writing things down as you go. We love a bright calendar that does double-duty: organization and beauty.


2021-2022 18 Month Wall Calendar

Design with function but embrace spontaneity. 

There is a whole cottage industry devoted to minimal living and reducing clutter. But what all approaches share is an objective of living with streamlined purpose and gratitude. Take time over the holidays to trim down and sort the piles of stuff (whether it’s papers to sort or closets to reorganize) so that when you return to full speed, you have the room to say yes to new and fulfilling opportunities and lean wholly into your path and potential for 2022.

Do Whatever Be Weird It's Okay by Motivated Type - Shadowbox

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