Infuse Your Home With PANTONE’s 2022 Color of the Year

Infuse Your Home With PANTONE’s 2022 Color of the Year

In a highly anticipated announcement, the PANTONE Color Institute shared the new color for 2022: Veri Peri. The vivacious hue was chosen for its “carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit” at a dynamic and transformative time in the world when our physical lives are woven more fully with digital landscapes.

As part of the blues family, Veri Peri offers unlimited interior design and decor potential. Blues are a natural fit for a range of room types, from a primary suite to a bathroom or home office—evoking a quality of stability and strength as well as calm and serenity. Veri Peri also features an up-tempo red violet undertone that gives a more energetic edge than some of its blue predecessors.

Here are four ways to incorporate this newly trending color into your home design and decor:

Contemporary Vibrance

A large stretched canvas adds an eclectic art gallery feel to a mid-century, industrial, or modern home design. Veri Peri plays well as a background or accent color, dressing up a white or light gray wall with panache.

Sleeping Angel by Alja Hovart

Painterly Illustrations

Capturing more of the serene side of Veri Peri, violet-hued, organic-inspired subject matters work well for bedrooms and primary suite bathrooms. Gold accents and hardware gives the blue color family a luxurious and updated aesthetic.

Coneflower by Cami Monet

Abstract Wonder

Layers of a geode, ripples on an evening coastline, the periphery of an aurora borealis—striking violet can be found in both grand overtures and subtle details in nature. Opt for a larger art piece and use it as a statement installment for a high-traffic gathering space, such as a family room, dining room, or open concept living area.

Agate by Sisi and Seb

Coastal Themes

Ocean waves are a favorite interior design choice because of the ways it plays up different interior design styles and room purposes. Pair beach photography or watercolor art pieces with textiles in neutral, warm hues like PANTONE’s Sheer Bliss or dark, moody purples like Violet Storm. The coastal theme also works well for an inspired gallery wall collection.

Ocean Pastel by Leah Flores

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