Artist Spotlight: Suren Nersisyan

Artist Spotlight: Suren Nersisyan

Known for his vibrant watercolors, Suren Nersisyan uses color and heavy brush strokes to transform paper with wonder and vision. “The inspirations I get are mainly based on shape and color combinations found in nature and surroundings,” Nersisyan said. “I constantly search for harmony between shapes, characters, and colors. In other words, when I find something aesthetically appealing to my mind, it becomes my first step in creating new work.” 

His pieces give walls an instant elevated gallery feel, which is why we are excited to announce a limited edition collection of just 10 watercolor prints. Each fine art print is hand-painted, signed, and numbered to show where it is in this series. Read on for a preview of these new pieces, insight from the artist, and more wall art inspiration.

Modern Ethereal

Hand Painted Watercolor Monstera Leaf

Somewhere between minimalist and maximalist is a blend of clarity and color. Nersisyan’s pieces capture this mood with crisp white backgrounds that bring forms to the front and make the color stories all the more brilliant.

“In my everyday life, I think a lot about painting. My logic is already constructed so that everything I see or feel I try to visualize in my mind. Those visualizations, which are completely occupying my mind, are becoming a force to reflect them as artwork,” says Nersisyan.

Inspired Beauty




Hand Painted Watercolor Palm Trees

urple Palms by Suren Nersisyan

Inspired fine art pieces add a high-end feel to wall space, instantly elevating a room, whether it's brightening up a guest bathroom or placing a focal point for areas for entertaining. With their gallery framing and museum-quality paper, each print can add color to a neutral wall or complement a gallery wall or existing wall color.  

It can be in many places—in the pet store, on the street, while I am walking, or even when I am at a party with a noisy crowd. I can look out of the window and see something inspiring. I think anyone who is searching for beauty and harmony will always find it somewhere,” he explained. “I am certain there is always something inspiring around us. We just need to learn how to see those things.”


Hand Painted Watercolor Flying Hummingbird

Flamingos by Suren Nersisyan

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