Artist Spotlight: Kristian Gallagher, Modern Tropical

Artist Spotlight: Kristian Gallagher, Modern Tropical

Artist Spotlight: Kristian Gallagher, Modern Tropical

“My work is known for its cheerful color palettes and positive energy. If seeing it makes you smile, then it’s doing its job,” says Kristian Gallagher. Leafy indigo fronds, a dreamy pastel sunset, and tangerine-red bouquets pop from the paper. Animated with vibrancy and bold shapes, Gallagher’s Modern Tropical is one of Americanflat’s best selling collections.

Modern Tropical is inspired by tropical, coasts, and summer. Botanics and landscapes are the most common motifs, created in a variety of mediums, including watercolor, ink, and digital. Two of Gallagher’s favorite pieces include “Minimal Sunrise” and “Beach Day”.


Minimal Sunrise

A brilliant citrus orb rises against languid horizontal turquoise lines. The mash-up of geometrical shapes and symmetry invigorates the composition, and perfectly complements home decor trends like modern, Mid-Century, and bohemian organic. 

Beach Day

Swirling blues, saffrons, and aqua are accented by white lines that gives the statement piece a sunny wave-feel and imparts an easy, breezy attitude. You can practically feel the sun on your face and salt water lapping against your ankles. This piece is perfect as a standalone statement or as an anchor to a gallery wall project.


You can shop a varied and extensive range of Modern Tropical wall art, including framed and canvas pieces, as well as gallery wall sets on

Our wall art is curated for you. We are so proud to collaborate with talented independent artists like Kristian Gallagher. Modern Tropical is part of Americanflat’s marketplace and has been hand selected for numerous home decor categories by our design experts. “Americanflat is a dream partner. They support independent artists like me, they’re easy to work with, and have provided my brand with exposure to big retailers that would otherwise be out of reach,” says Gallagher.

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