Rustic Wildflower Bouquet by Shealeen Louise Wrapped Canvas

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Express your artistic side and transform your interior space into a living work of art. This stunning print canvas is made for the discerning art lover. Created and curated to provide the perfect focal point or unifying feature to bring to life any room with style. We love it paired with a complementing color palette or hung in clever spaces for a distinct statement that is uniquely you.


  • Stunning Print Design: Created by Shealeen Louise for creative expression in the traditional, modern and urban home alike.
  • Museum-Quality and Ready-To-Hang Canvas: Made with 100% cotton canvas for the art lover seeking no-fuss installation.
  • Gallery Wrapped Canvas: Engineered using proprietary technology for picture perfect corners, sharp edges and solid cardboard backing. The canvas will remain as tight and sturdy as the day it was assembled.
  • Specialized Giclee Printing: Our digital fine art printing is produced using anti-fade inks on professional-grade wide format printers for the highest quality in printmaking since 2011.
  • 100% Handcrafted & Inspected in the USA for best-in-quality production supporting local artists.
  • Colors include white, charcoal gray, silver, gold.