Celebrating Black History Month with Contemporary Art and Decor

Celebrating Black History Month with Contemporary Art and Decor

February may be Black History Month but here at Americanflat we elevate and celebrate Black independent artists every day. Art is a vehicle for expression, emotion, and experience, and we are thankful for the vision that Black artists share with their collections.

Each piece is a blend of rich and vibrant color palettes that awaken home decor in traditional, modern, and urban homes alike. Art is available in a range of sizes and frame or wrapped canvas presentation for easy installation and inspired curation.

Explore this month’s featured artist-collections:


Tabitha Brown

Illustrator and designer Tabitha Brown has been featured across digital platforms including Huffington Post, Design Milk, Decor8, Modish, and Afrolicious. This collection features a contemporary twist on her signature digital collages, which blend drawing, found textures, and vintage papers. Joyful pops of color highlight women enjoying life and nature.


 Sunny by Tabitha Brown


Swimmingly by Tabitha Brown

Bakers Dozen by Tabitha Brown

May Flowers by Tabitha Brown


Sarah Dahir

Sarah Dahir is a freelance illustrator based in South Africa. Her brilliant and thoughtful collection explores connections and deep friendships between women. Dahir draws inspiration from everyday life and her artwork captures the strength and beauty of each individual. Contemporary wrapped canvases step up gallery wall curation — each art piece features rich brown hues and cerebral greens, aqua, red, and saffron-gold hues.


 Nokita by Sarah Dahir


Biking Background by Sarah Dahir


Power to the People by Sarah Dahir


Sun Bathing by Sarah Dahir


Uzo Njoku

Uzo Njoku shares her vision through painting, pattern making, and product design. Her pieces are striking, drawing inspiration from her culture and upbringing. Uzo is a Nigerian born fine artist and the founder of UzoArt, which is both artistic and practical for art lovers and consumers. Each subject comes to life in the pieces that Uzo creates, possessing striking features that challenge mainstream standards of beauty.


 Walking Pattern by Uzo Njoku 



Dalmations by Uzo Njoku


Ghana Must Go by Uzo Njoku


Hope by Uzo Njoku


Purchases help support independent artists and Americanflat is proud to highlight and empower each of our partners. Explore the artist collections now.


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