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“This new e-commerce site seeks to “make art accessible and affordable for everyone,” a feat they achieve by reproducing museum- and gallery-quality pieces via a unique giclée ink-jet printing production process...”

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Mary Johnson for   dna-logo-footer.jpg  on April 10, 2012

"With Americanflat, Piccoli sought to dispel the idea that art has to be expensive to be good".

"We’ve had a lot of success," Piccoli said. "It just seemed like it was an industry that was ready for this."
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Dana Holmes for  giftslogo-150x60-1x.png on December, 2011

“Going to galleries can be intimidating and buying art at a big box store can feel generic. So how do you get that big, bold art for above the couch in your new place without spending a fortune or losing face?”





“Founded by a former banker who weirdly thought the 99% should be able to afford a masterpiece, Americanflat leverages its global connections to source works from 15-18 undiscovered painters many featured in video interviews or bios next to their creations... ”


Lynn Byrne fordecor-arts-now-logo.jpgon December, 2011

“Looking for a large scale piece of great art? Well, there is a new guy in town. Giorgio Piccoli founded an e-commerce site, Americanflat this past November where large scale artwork goes for $250 for a stretched canvas and free home delivery. ”

 “Companies such as Americanflat tailor its selection to the modern guy by offering a wide range of large artwork at affordable prices. ”





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